How to Draw a Wine Glass [4 Steps With Pictures]

how to draw a wine glass



Wondering how to draw a wine glass? Whether you are an experienced, professional artist or someone who never made it past simple stick figure sketches, this will explain step by step the basics you need to follow in order to create a masterpiece of your own. Wine glasses exemplify elegance and poise when daintily balanced between your fingers. Holding a wine glass might be harder than drawing one! 


Elevate your status in the wine lifestyle by mastering the art of sketching a wine glass. Whether you’re ordering a drink in a foreign country and need to draw your order or attempting to make simple wall art for your neutral home decor collection, who knows when this skill will come in handy!


Regardless of your artistic talent, we can show you the simply guide to sketching a wine glass that you can use for a Paint and Sip night with the girls! 


How to Draw a Wine Glass: Step 1

wine glass drawing

The first step for how to draw a wine glass is to sketch a circular/oval shape that resembles that of an egg. This is the bowl of the wine glass. Make sure you draw the oval as neat and straight as possible!


How to Draw a Wine Glass: Step 2 

wine glass

Following the creation of the oval, add the stem and base to the sketch. Draw a line going down from the bottom of the oval to the start of the base. Then add the flattened oval for the base. 

If you are happy with how your wine glass appears so far, we can continue on to the third step! 


Step 3

pencil sketch

Now let’s add more detail to the image! Start by drawing an ellipse on the top of the oval (a very thin and wide oval that meets the edge of each side of the bowl). Then, loosely sketch the sides of the stem of the wine glass to create a more elegant and shaped  stem. 

Step 4

how to draw a wine glass

Now, it’s time for the finishing touches. These simple yet effective details will make the glass appear more reflective. Once you erase the lines on the top part of the oval and add the element of wine in the glass you are pretty much finished! 


Now the rest is up to you, since you’re the artist! Adding a background and some color will liven up the sketch. What is typically around wine when it’s being enjoyed? Crackers, cheese, and fruits make for easy add-ins to your drawing.  


A chance to be creative makes the activity a whole lot more entertaining. Even mastering how to draw a wine glass is great practice and can improve your artistry skills!