How Many Bottles in a Case of Wine? (2023 Guide for Party Planning)

Wine glasses and wine bottles

Wondering how many bottles in a case of wine? As you set up for your big party, whether it be an upcoming birthday bash or girls’ night soiree, you definitely do not want to run out of the night’s signature drink – a large glass of wine. Figuring out how many cases of wine to get can be a pretty tricky endeavor. Lucky for you, we are here to help! 

Don’t forget to brush up on youre wine etiquette by reminding yourself of the most important wine tips and tricks! 

There are countless ways to mix and match your wine, so deciding all this can get a little overwhelming. Although it is challenging to gauge the amount of wine your guests will consume, this guide will make all of your wine decisions easy. We can guarantee that your parties are always a hit, and no one has an empty glass! 

How Many Bottles In a Case of Wine 

A standard bottle of wine houses 750 ml, and a standard case of wine holds 12 bottles. This amounts to around 9 liters of wine in one case. A bottle of wine can roughly fill 5-6 generous glasses, meaning each case holds 60 servings of wine.

It is not guaranteed that the size of the bottle will be 750 ml, so it’s a great idea to check beforehand with your seller as to which size you will be receiving. Planning and ordering your wine ahead of time can save you heaps of trouble during the party prep. If you leave purchasing your wine to the last minute, you risk buying the wrong amount for your gathering and running out early in the evening.

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Why You Should Buy Wine in Cases 

When considering buying large quantities of wine, there is usually a justification for doing so. We have plenty of reasons why you should say yes.

Save Money!

When it comes to planning a large party, it is smart to try and save in every way you can. Ultimately, ordering wine in cases will save you some extra cash. A few cases should tie you over for the night of festivities.

Gift On The Go

It has happened to the best of us– you’re headed to a last-minute get-together with friends or a dinner party with your neighbors, and you realize you have nothing to bring. Grabbing a bottle from your case offers a quick alternative to the embarrassing situation of showing up empty-handed. It’s the perfect last-minute save that makes for a thoughtful gift. 

Smart Investment of Time and Money

Typically, retailers will provide a nice discount ranging from 10-15% if you purchase a case of wine. Retailers even allow you to purchase a mixed case at a discount, which means that you don’t have to buy 12 bottles of the same wine. Buying in bulk is a very smart investment for both your time and money!

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How Many Cases Should You Buy 

The impending question awaits, how much wine do you really need? To keep the guest list organized for your event, consider setting an RSVP deadline in order to determine the number of attendees at your party. A good guideline to follow is to plan for three glasses of wine for each person for a three-hour cocktail party. 

Here’s a helpful guide to calculating how many cases you need:

  • 50-75 guests – around 38 bottles, or 3 cases 
  • 75-100 guests – around 50 bottles, or 4 cases 
  • 100-125 guests – around 63 bottles, or 5 cases plus 3 bottles 
  • 125-150 guests – around 75 bottles, or 6 cases plus 3 bottles 
  • 150-200 guests– around 100 bottles, or 8 cases plus 3 bottles  

It’s never a bad idea to have a few bottles extra to leave room for a couple of heavy drinkers. You will be happy you had enough, and they will be delighted by your generosity! 

Wine gathered around table 

What Wine To Buy For A Party 

There is a vast variety of wines to choose from, and it is difficult to predict the preferences of your guests (every guest will have different tastes and preferences). So we recommend purchasing a variety of types including red, white, and sparkling. It won’t do your guests any good to buy all red wine. A nice variety will keep everyone pleased!

Best Way to Fill a Case of Wine 

A fantastic way to start your selection would be to have: 

If you want to build a great mixed case, begin by selecting different styles and grape varieties. It’s important to ensure that there are options for everyone’s palette. 

Include bold, vibrant choices like a Cabernet Sauvignon, and opt for some lighter, sweet wines such as Riesling. And don’t forget the sparkling ones! Your guests will surely be impressed by the plethora of options and won’t want to miss your next celebration.