11 Best Wines for People Who Don’t Like Wine!

wines for people who don't like wine

Wondering if there is wine for people who don’t like wine? If taking a sniff into your wine glass leads to your nose furling up and grimacing, it is safe to say wine is not your go-to beverage of choice. It takes time to grow accustomed to the robust flavor wine encompasses. From the deepest reds to the driest white wines, curating a love for wine is not something that occurs overnight. 


Although we don’t expect everyone to be wine lovers, it can be helpful to know what glass of wine will bring you the most enjoyment the next time you are presented with options!  


If you are new to the wine scene and want to overcome your dislike for it, then start out with softer flavors, such as white or rose varieties. These lighter wines are much fruitier and carry sweeter flavors than some types of red, with higher tannins producing a bitter, astringent taste. 


This guide will take you through all the best wine choices for people who don’t like wine and soon question why you have ever opted for anything but! 


Best White Wines (for People Who Don’t Like Wine)

Moscato Wine 

#1. Moscato 

A sweet, fruity aroma makes Moscato one of the best options for non-wine lovers. Typically known for its floral undertones and mild fizz, it has little amount of alcohol, making it ideal for sipping throughout the evening. 


Moscato is best served chilled, so if you are searching for a refreshing beverage during the summer months, we recommend choosing this delicate white wine. 


#2. Sauvignon Blanc 

A delicious glass of Sauvignon Blanc is incredibly easy on the palate. Primarily flavored with: 

  • lime
  • green apple
  • passion fruit 
  • white peach


The aromatic flavors are medium-bodied and tangy. Pairing wonderfully with cheese, perhaps sip on a small glass the next time you nibble on charcuterie. 

#3. Riesling 

A perfect introduction to the Wine Culture is testing out Resiling. Always a crowd favorite, Riesling, ranges from very dry to very sweet. Even the scent of it will allure you in as the fruity and citrus aromas waft through the air. Its strong, distinctive notes embody various tropical and citrus fruits. 


The sweetness makes this choice enjoyable for everyone– from wine connoisseurs to novice wine drinkers! 

sweet wine


Best Red Wines (for People Who Don’t Like Wine)


#4. Merlot

A deep, red wine like Merlot is surprisingly smooth and medium-bodied. Highly recommended for new wine drinkers, this popular choice is not too sweet.


Variations of Merlot have sugar added during the process to even out the acidity. The enticing flavors of Merlot are plum, chocolate, and vanilla.


Remember, exploring new flavors will help you grow accustomed to the many types of wine and adjust your palate to the robust taste! 


#5. Red Blend 

A Red Blend is precisely what it sounds like: a red wine that has been blended with another rather than from a single grape. There is a level of creativity to a blend to create a delicious final product. The sweetness can vary from wine to wine. If a sweeter wine is more enticing for someone who doesn’t like wine, then opt for a smooth Red Blend. 


#6. Pinot Noir

One of the world’s most favorite light-bodied red wines, it’s known for its fruity, flowery, and spicy aromas. It can have various flavors depending on where it is grown. So, finding your favorite can take some time. 


#7. Zinfandel 

Have you tried everything and are still not inclined to choose a glass of red? One last option may sway your future decision-making. Zinfandel embodies intense flavors of plum, and dried cherry, followed by hints of vanilla. Even the anti-wine drinkers cannot shy away from sipping this unique flavor! 

glass of rose wine


Best Sparkling Wine (for People Who Don’t Like Wine)

#8. Rose

The primary flavors of rose wine are red fruit, flowers, citrus, and melon, topped off with rhubarb and celery notes. Most notably recognized as one of the sweetest wines, it surprisingly comes in dry options as well. 


Pairing wonderfully with your gal’s brunch all the way to being served with a spiced aromatic cuisine. The versatility of this wine always allows there to be an opportunity to try it! 


#9. Prosecco

It’s hard to go wrong with a glass of Prosecco. You might even forget that you’re drinking wine! Prosecco, most commonly embodying a sweet flavor, exudes notes of green apple, pears, peaches, honey, and flowers. A bubbly beverage like is the perfect choice for celebratory events or sprucing up your favorite mimosa. 


#10. Sparkling Rosé 

Growing increasingly popular, the sparkling rosé has taken center stage. Sprucing up your wine with an effervescent bottle can transform your take on it. The perfect amount of sweetness matched with the floral and fruitful takes a typical bottle of rosé to the next level. Once you try it, it will be difficult not to enjoy a glass in the future. 


#11. Champagne 

One of the sweetest bottles you can get is Champagne Doux. The highest level of sweetness is Doux, whereas the lowest amount of sugar is Brut Nature. We suggest choosing one on the sweeter end as a beginner. Having the perfect champagne flute filled with rich flavors of apple, pear, citrus, cream, or vanilla will soon be irresistible.